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Free Amazon or Walmart Gift Cards (over 100,000 in all)

Check out this great new instant win sweeps from T-Mobile (no T-Mobile phone required). This instant win game is live through Wednesday, March 29, 2017. They will be giving giving away over 100,000 free gift cards good for these stores: Walmart, Target, Amazon, Best Buy and others. There will be 75,000 $5 gift cards, 25,000 $10 gift cards and 26 grand prizes. With this many gift cards and the game ending in just over a day, there is a really good chance most of us will get something.

Check out the game over here.

Canada Dry Visa Gift Card Instant Win Game

Checkout this brand new instant win game being hosted by Canada Dry. They are offering up 9,750 free Visa gift cards. The denominations are: $10, $20, or $100. They are offering up 7,000 $10 gift cards, 2,500 $20 gift cards and 250 $100 gift cards. Visit their site and enter in your contact info to play. You can do this each and every day to increase the chances you will get one of the cards.

Get started over here.

Free Papa John eGift Cards from T-Mobile (500 in all)

This is another great free giveaway from T-Mobile. Note, this offer is available to anyone who is interested and not just T-Mobile customers. They are giving away 500 free Papa John’s Gift Cards worth between $25 and $100. The offer is good today only and you will find out instantly if you get one or not after you play the game.

Get your freebie over here.

Snickers Chocolate Instant Win Game (50,000+ Winners)

This is a great instant win game from Snickers Candy. They call it the Candy Bowl game. They are giving away 50,000 free candy products. They are also giving away 500 free bigger prizes. You can enter this game every single day until it ends on Feb. 27th. With this many prizes, you will most likely get one item. You can get up to 5 in all.

Check the offer out over here.