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Old Navy Instant Win Game (3 million prizes)

Introducing the newest instant win game brought to you by Old Navy. This game is truly amazing for two very important reasons. First of all they will be giving away 3 million prizes throughout the contest. Secondly they have a total of 8 grand prizes, each one is a $100,000 check. Those of you who are interested can enter daily using the link posted below:

Enter over here.

Free Snickers Bar (200,000 in all)

Snickers is giving away 200,000 of their delicious candy bars. All you need to do is play their instant win game. Visit their Facebook page using the link below and then enter in your birth date. Choose your most common snack craving and see if you got one. If you don’t get it, don’t worry. You can do this every single day through 12/12/16. Chances are you will get one or one of their other prizes.

Get started right here for desktops and mobile phones go over here.

100,000 Freebies from Marlboro (Sunglasses, Chargers, Cameras, Speakers…)

These are brand new offers from Marlboro. They are giving away a TON of freebies everyday through 12/04/16. This is the new Marlboro Chase The Night instant win game. Just log in or join up for free and play the game to win. You can play every single day and there are over 100,000 prizes up for grabs. Get started using the link below and take a look at all the prizes up for grabs.

Enter or join up for free over here and don’t forget to take a look at the prize list over here.

Amazon Gift Card Giveaway (3,062+ Gift Cards)

Here is what’s going on. Chicken of the Sea is offering up 3,062+ free $10-$100 Amazon gift cards. This offer is being hosted by them, on their FB page, and will end 11/12/16. All you need to do is visit them using the link below and give them your contact info. Keep in mind this is an instant win game so you can enter three times per day until the offer ends.

Visit them on their giveaway page over here.

Nature’s Way Prepaid Gift Card Instant Win Game (366 Prizes)

This is an instant win game being hosted by Nature’s Way they will be giving up 305 $10 prepaid gift cards, 61 $25 prepaid gift cards (a total of 366) and one winner will get a $10,000 grand prize. This is an instant win so you just need to visit their site and enter. It can be done once per day through 10/31/16.

Visit the game page over here.