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8 Free Boxes of Freebies (each one with several samples)

Take a look at this great list of free samples boxes we put together. These are so great because unlike a regular sample offer, these boxes have several freebies in them. You will find 7 different freebie box offers, each one form a different company. Just sign up for the ones you are interested in. Available while supplies last.

Free Samples Boxes

  1. Daily Goodie Box
  2. Get Exactly Sample Box
  3. Walmart Beauty Box – $5 shipping (worth much more)
  4. Everyday Family Box
  5. SampleSource Box – Sign up now, it will be out in a few weeks.

Amazon Freebie Boxes

  1. Amazon Mens Grooming Sample Box
  2. Amazon Beauty Sample Box

Baby Box

  1. Walmart Baby Box

Free Clear Plastic Umbrella

Get a free 46″ I Can See Clearly Umbrella to use on rainy days when you go out. This imprinted umbrella is there to keep you dry during the spring showers. To claim yours, visit their order page and click on the free sample button under the image of the umbrella. This sample, like most others can take up to 8 weeks to arrive at your door so please be patient. All samples are only available while supplies last.

Order yours right here.

Free Total Laundry Care Dryer Sheet Samples

Here is an offer brought to us from truSpring. They are offering up free samples of their laundry sheets. This offer can be found right on their mailing list sing up page. According to their offer, if you share their Facebook page, they will send you free samples and other offers and you will have a chance to win a years supply of the sheets.

Get your freebie over here.

Free T-shirt or Impossible Play Ball

This is an offer from Play Impossible for a free t-shirt and Impossible Play Ball. This is a great full size freebie that anyone would love. I mean, who couldn’t use an extra t-shirt, right? They will send this freebie out to you free of charge, including free shipping. Those of you who are interested in the offer, follow the instructions posted below:

  1. First visit our Facebook Post and grab a link. We are doing this so that everyone can help each other by using other people’s links to sign up
  2. When you click on someone’s link from our Facebook page, sign up with your name and email.
  3. Grab your personal link they provide after signing up.
  4. Share the link with 5 friends to get the t-shirt or 10 friends for a free ball both have free shipping.
  5. Those of you who need a little help can share your link on our Facebook page right here. This should help your snag the freebie easier and others will visit the post and use your link to sign up

Hydroxycut Class Action Settlement (up to $28 with no proof needed)

Here is a class action settlements that are available for anyone who bought any Hydroxycut products at any store from May 2, 2009 to February 15, 2017. Note, there is no proof of purchase needed to claim what is owed to you, so you don’t need to go searching for old receipts. The deadline for this offer is 05/30/17. You can get $28 back or more with a receipt.

Get started and fill out the claim form over here.