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Free Mailfinity Letter Opener

Get a free letter opener thanks to Mailfinity. To get this offer, you just need to visit their site and request it on their order page. Visit them and enter in your mailing info. You should get yours in about 6-8 weeks.

Claim yours over here.

Free Envelopes from Apec

This is an offer from Apec Envelopes. They will send you 5 free envelopes in the mail. You can choose any 5 from their entire stock. Grab this before it disappears.

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Free Myron Lighted Ballpoint Pen

Myron is offering free pens! They are currently giving away Royale Excel Lighted Ballpoint Pens. This is a great freebie and will most likely not last very long. Note: to claim your sample, simply click the “Request a Free Sample” button under the image.

If you are interest, you can grab your free pen here.

Free Ultra Notebook Tabs from Avery

This is another offer from Avery. They are giving away samples of their Ultra notebook and folder tabs. You can use these tab to organize just about any kind of paper work. They will send you a pack of them for free.

Snag your right here.

Free Ruler With Stencils

This is a new freebie from Host-o-Host. They are offering a free all in one ruler and stencil with all the letters of the alphabet and the numbers 0 – 9. All you need to do to get this freebie is visit their sample page and enter in your mailing address.

Get this freebie right here.