Free Mini Bottle of Seaport Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Here is a great offer from Seaport. They are giving away free mini bottles of their extra virgin olive oil. This freebie is being hosted on their new promotional site. To claim yours, just visit them and provide them with an email address where they can contact you and they will provide you with your unique link. Get more info below:

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Here is what you can get:

  • 5 friends – 60ml bottle of Seaport Olive Oil
  • 10 friends – 60ml bottles of Seaport Olive Oil and Vinegar
  • 25 friends – 200ml bottle of Seaport Olive Oil
  • 50 friends – Seaport Select Box

Free Zantac Duo Fusion from Walmart

Check out this brand new offer for a free full size bottle of Zantac’s Duo Fusions acid reducing heartburn medication. This offer is worth almost $8 and can be obtained at any local Walmart. To claim this freebie, you must make sure you grab the 20ct. bottle and follow the directions posted below

  1. Walmart sells bottles of Zantac Duo Fusion 20c for $7.58.
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  4. In the end you will make a $1.42 profit to buy this product.
  5. Good through 1/31/17

Free KISS Non Sticky Lip Gloss

Claim this freebie from Bejour and they will send you a free full size Kiss New York lip gloss. All you need to do is visit them, using the link posted below, and fill out your mailing information. This sample, like most others can take up to 8 weeks to arrive at your door so please be patient. All samples are only available while supplies last.

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Free Bottle Zest FruitBoost Shower Gel

This is an offer form Mobisave that will get you a free full sized bottle of Zest FruitBoost Shower Gel. Mobisave is a free app that you can get easily. This offer is good for a free Zest FruitBoost Shower Gel worth up to $2.99. All samples are only available while supplies last.

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Free Reusable Cleaning Cloth

This is a new offer for a free sample of an electronic cleaning cloth. “this product, combined with the power of water, safely and effectively cleans hundreds of surfaces. This unique 16 x 16 inch cloth effortlessly cleans windows, mirrors, marble counter tops and more, with only water, for a streak free gleam.” Order your free sample today by visiting the sample page linked below. Make sure to add the offer code E-Cloth.

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